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immense scope for research in biotechnology

Research areas

The potential areas of research in Biotechnology are so vast and mind-boggling that it is not possible to make a comprehensive list. Further, new areas of study emerge continuously. However, an indicative list is furnished here, so as to give a feeling of the possibilities.

Agriculture: Transgenics of rice, wheat, cotton, potato, and vegetables. Higher productivity

Basic research: On all aspects of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, proteomics, and neurosciences

Bioengineering of crops for biofuels and bioenergy

Bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides

Bioinformatics: Algorithm design and development, software and tools for data mining and data warehousing applications. Strengthening infrastructure for handling complex and computationally intensive problems. Biological Data Curation, phylogenetics. Setting up dedicated network centres for developing data warehouses. Exploitation of microbial genome information. Training competent personnel.

Bioprospecting and Molecular Taxonomy: Prospecting, molecular characterisation and documentation of economically and ecologically important hotspots of biodiversity in the country.

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