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Plant tissue culture

Method of in vitro culture of plants on nutrient medium under aseptic conditions.
It has been possible to grow several types of plant organs in sterile culture including roots , shoot, leaves , floral parts and fruits



  • MS Media with plant hormones
  • ¬†Sterile culture room with controlled conditions
  • Laminar air flow chamber
  • Surface sterilized explants
  • Sterile glasswares
  • Sterile forceps, spatula and blade

step 1- Collection of plant Healthy disease free explants

step 2- Surface sterilization

Step 3- MS Medium Preparation

Basal media with sucrose , agar and different growth regulators were used. Media was autoclaved 15 Ibs for 15 minutes

step 4- Inoculation and incubation

  • Surface sterilized explants were placed on pre sterilized petriplates
  • Finally trimmed to appropriate size.
  • Leaf segments were inoculated on sterilized media.
  • Culture were maintained under dark condition with 50-60% humidity

Step 4- Sub culture

Subculture were in the same initiation medium at 2-3 weeks interval

Step 5- Hardening

Step 5- Plantlet transfer to field

Callus formation  from explants

Shoot Induction

Adventitious root Induction

Multiple shoot Induction

Hairy root Induction

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