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Dr.Keerthi.T.R. Professor 9497655293 read more
Dr. M.S. Latha Professor, Dean of Science 0469-2668105 read more
Prof.Jyothis Mathew Professor (School of Biosciences) 9495524779 read more
Prof.J G Ray Professor 9446119626 read more
Dr. Jayachandran.K Director (School of Biosciences) 9446356612 read more
Dr. Jisha M.S Professor (School of Biosciences) 9497664697 read more
Prakash Kumar B Professor in Biochemistry (School of Biosciences) 9447959320 read more
Dr. Linu Mathew Associate professor (School of Biosciences) 9447505690 read more
Dr. R. Harikumaran Nair. M. Sc, PhD Associate Professor in Physiology (Stage-II) 94472 60362 read more
Mrs Resmi.S.S Assistant Professor (School of Biosciences) 919447030243 read more

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